Armenian Sunrise – Relaxation Music and Reiki Timers

Armenian Sunrise - Relaxation Music and Reiki Timer Collection

Something a little different to add to the collection of Relaxation Music and Reiki Timers. Featuring the music Armenian Sunrise by Nils Bergholz, with the exotic sounds of the wind instrument the Duduk, this music relaxation music is both soothing and interesting. The 3 minute version of the timer is also available as an instant … [Read more…]

Reiki Music with 3,2 & 5 Minute Reiki Timers

Meditation and Reiki Timers

Another to add to the collection of beautiful music with Reiki Timers. This week I have teamed relaxing piano music up with a variety of timers and alone so that you can enjoy your music any way you like. If you have a request for a particular timer/music combination, please feel free to contact me. … [Read more…]

Divine Love Meditation Music with Timer

Divine Love Meditation Music with Timer

To date this is the most popular piece of music I have uploaded to youtube, listen and you will see why. Called Divine Love this music resonates with the heart chakra and is indeed heavenly. Take 20 minutes to listen with your eyes closed or keep them open and notice how the beautiful images amplify the … [Read more…]

Reiki Music with 3 or 5 Minute Bell Timers ~ Windchimes, Wooden Flute and Natures Sounds


3 and 5 Minute Reiki timers featuring the zen sounds of “The Temple Garden” by Christopher Lloyd Clarke. This simple wooden flute music includes quiet segments containing nothing more than the soothing sounds of windchimes and a quiet stream giving it a lovely balance between movement and interest,  and stillness. You can also listen to this music as a … [Read more…]

20 Minute Meditation Music with Tibetan Bell Timer

20 minute meditation music with timer

Healing Meditation – 20 Minutes of Meditation Music with Tibetan Bell Timer. Deep Relaxation Music with Ocean Sounds and Images for Stress Relief and Meditation. Also ideal for a 20 minute power nap where the tibetan bells at the end of the music serve a gentle alarm to wake you from your rest. Relaxation Music … [Read more…]