Sacral Chakra Balancing Meditation Music

Second Chakra Balancing and Healing Meditation Music

The Joy Of Creation by Christopher Lloyd Clarke Sacral Chakra – Song composed in the key of D The second in the Chakra Balancing Series of Meditation Music. This Sacral chakra meditation available on Youtube, combines healing and balancing meditation music designed to resonate with the second chakra, with orange visuals to amplify the … [Read more…]

Base Chakra Meditation Music

Root Chakra Meditation audio

Base Chakra Meditation Music – Earths Embrace by Christopher Lloyd Clarke. This song is composed in the key of C and is the first in a series of seven chakra healing meditations. Tribal percussion, ethnic instruments and deep, warm tones are blended together in this soulful composition that is both grounding and soothing at … [Read more…]

Reiki Music with 3 Minute Timers

Reiki Music with 3 Minute Tibetan Bell Timers

All Loving Angel, is deeply relaxing music ideal for Reiki. In this video I have teamed it up with a series of 24 x 3 minute tibetan bell timers so that you can relax even more into  your Reiki Practice. More Reiki Timers

All Loving Angel

Relaxation Music

All Loving Angel is an all new recording from Enlightened Audio’s Christopher Lloyd Clarke. Here’s what Christopher –  has to say about his audio: Divinely inspired and deeply relaxing, All Loving Angel is a musical experience that feels as though it’s coming from a higher realm, reaching down into your life like a “musical blessing”. The music … [Read more…]

Reiki Music with 3 Minute Timer

Waxeye in Plum Blossom

Here is the new Reiki Music Timer. This recording is 1 hour and 12 minutes long with 24 tibetan bell timers set 3 minutes apart. The music is Divine Love by Christopher Lloyd Clarke from Royalty Free Meditation Music. Divine Love is from Christopher’s Chakra Music collection, composed in the key of F, this piece is … [Read more…]