Early Morning in the Rainforest

An hour-long recording of morning sounds of birds and insects in the Children’s Eternal Rainforest preserve in Costa Rica.  When I am working I like to feel relaxed and at the same time alert, this audio which contains birds and insects in a peaceful rainforest provides that lovely balance.

The images are from the rainforest of Costa Rica and are sourced from Flickr. See the video description for image credits and links or click on an image to view on Flickr. You can also download these images from Flickr.

Red-eyed Tree-frog, Esquinas Rainforest Lodge, Costa Rica
Beautiful Toucan
Ringed Kingfisher (Megaceryle torquata), Esquinas Rainforest Lodge, Costa Rica

lattice-tailed trogon
Hummingbird Close-Up
Least Grebe, Esquinas Rainforest Lodge, Costa Rica
Morpho peleides wings closed (blue morpho butterfly)
Parisota (heliconius doris butterfly)

The beautiful sounds in this video are from Freesound, you can download the recording here: