Ho’oponopono Cleaning Tools ~ Dewdrop



I don’t know why any of these ho’oponopono cleaning tools work, but I do know that I love the sound of the word Dewdrop and that I feel soothed and relaxed I say it. As I say the word Dewdrop, I can easily imagine a dewdrop dropping onto whatever needs “cleaning” and gently washing away what is not wanted.


Dewdrop is one of the cleaning tools I love the most, here is what I have learned about this beautiful word.

Dewdrop is one of the most versatile cleaning tools working on every type of negative emotion. Whenever you see something that bothers you in any way you can say the word Dewdrop to yourself and it will help to release the energy around that situation.


Although Dewdrop can be used for anything, saying or thinking the word works especially well for fears and emotional issues.


A fun way to play with the word Dewdrop is to take something that represents your issue such as a photo, your bills or other documents and tap them with a pencil that has an eraser on the end and repeat the word  Dewdrop Dewdrop Dewdrop.


Ho'oponopono cleaning tool - Dewdrop

You can also write a word that best describes your issue or the name of a person you want to feel better about and then tap with your pencil saying Dewdrop a few times.


You can turn your pencil into a ho’oponopono cleaning tool that you can use on anything by holding the pencil and saying Dewdrop. You can then use the pencil to clean anything. I have used it to fix broken drawers, computers, aches and pains, you are really only limited by your imagination.


While some say to repeat these cleaning tools over and over, I think a better way to use them is to repeat the word for as long as it feels good and then turn your attention to something else that you enjoy. From a Law of Attraction point of view, this has the effect of slowing the momentum on your issue, or going general,   and then withdrawing energy from it.  Anything that you ignore cannot stay in your experience for long  - Perfect :)