Ho’oponopono Cleaning Tools ~ Dewdrop

Ho'oponopono cleaning tool dewdrop

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You may have noticed that like the word “Dewdrop” and here’s one of the reasons why.

Dewdrop is a ho’oponopono cleaning tool that can be used for any emotion – fear, anger, worry, doubt –  anything. Repeating the word Dewdrop in your mind can help you to relax in any situation and give you a sense of ease and flow in your day.

You can also use the Dewdrop by taking an unsharpened pencil with an eraser on the top, holding it upright and saying  the word “dewdrop”,  this activates the pencil turning it into a cleaning tool which you can then use to clean and clear the energy of objects.

Use this cleaning tool on anything you have that is troublesome.I have used it on a drawer that did not roll smoothly, a pantry door that was sticking, a computer that was reluctant to start, sore body parts, paper work,  and more.

Another way of using the dewdrop pencil tool, is to tap the photo of someone you would like to help, or who you are having problems with. If you have a person, place, thing or situation that bothers you, you can write their name on a piece of paper and then tap the eraser end of the pencil, while you repeat the word Dewdrop to release resistance around the subject.

In Abraham Hicks terms, Dewdrop is a General tool –  a tool that you use when you want to slow momentum.  Whether the word itself  holds any power, I don’t know, but I do know that when I repeat this word it stops the current flow of thought, soothing my mind and giving me a feeling of relief. Notice how you feel as you repeat the words and feel for the relief, if you don’t feel it, or if you feel worse, then this tool is not for this problem. Some problems are ready to be shifted in this way and others are not, if a problem seems amplified by your attention, then just get off the subject completely, distract yourself and feel as good as you can in any way that you can and then when you are feeling better you can try this approach again.