How to make your own Bach Flower Treatment Bottle

Make your own Bach Flower RemedyIf you are planning on taking a remedy or selection of remedies for an extended period of time a Treatment Bottle is the most economical way to do it. A treatment bottle also has the advantage of being ready to use, easy to carry and should stay fresh for about 1 month.

A Bach Flower Treatment Bottle is a dropper bottle containing up to 7 Bach Flower essences in spring or boiled tap water, with a little Brandy added to preserve the solution. Follow these simple instructions below to learn how to make your own Bach Flower Treatment Remedy:

What you will need:

1 Dropper Bottle – 30ml is a good size
Spring or Boiled Water
Up to 7 Bach Flower Stock Remedies
A small amount of Brandy, or cider vinegar for an alcohol-free mix
1 sticky label

Making Your Own Remedy:

Choose your Bach Flower Remedies

You can choose up to 7 Remedies to put into a treatment bottle. Make sure that the Bach Flower Remedies you are using are Stock Bottles not a remedy that has already been diluted. If you are using Rescue Remedy this counts as one remedy.

Prepare your Dropper Bottle

Check that your dropper bottle is sterile before you begin, if in doubt, clean it again.

Add your water

Traditionally Spring Water is used for making Bach Flower Remedies, as it is said to be the best medium for them. But if you don’t have any Spring Water then boiled tap water will be fine.

Let the water cool before adding it to the dropper bottle, leave some room at the top of the bottle for a dropper full of brandy and your Bach Flower Essences.

Add Your Bach Flower Remedies

Add two drops of each Bach Flower Essence to the dropper bottle. If Rescue Remedy is one of your chosen Bach Flower essences add four drops of it.

Preserve Your Remedy

To keep your remedy fresh for as long as possible preserve it with a little brandy. One dropper full or even just a few drops is fine. If you prefer a non-alcohol solution use Apple Cider Vinegar or you can keep the remedy in the fridge but it will not last as long.
If you have preserved your remedy with Alcohol or Cider Vinegar you can expect it to last for about 1 month, but this time frame will vary depending on the temperature. If you are taking your remedy as prescribed (4 drops 4x daily) your remedy will be long gone by the end of a month.

Seal and Label

Seal your remedy and shake to mix.

Label your Remedy so that you know when it has expired and so you can remember what Stock Remedies you added to it.

~~~~You’re Done!~~~~

Taking Your Remedy

Take your remedy straight from the bottle onto your tongue, 4 drops, 4 times a day, at least. You can take extra doses if you feel that you need them. Take one of your doses first thing in the morning and another dose before you go to bed at night.

To see a Treatment Bottle being made, watch this quick video: