Louise Hay Money Affirmations

Affirmation "It is only a thought and a thought can be Changed"

Here is a list of Louise Hay Money Affirmations.

Spend some time with each affirmation, write it down and say it out loud to yourself. Try to understand what the affirmation is really saying and let the meaning sink in.

I have given you my understanding of the affirmation, but look for your own meaning as well.

Notice how it feels, to you as you say the affirmation.Some affirmations may ring true for you immediately, while others may bring up negative feelings. Those that don’t feel true for you, are areas where you hold resistance to having money.

I am open and receptive to receiving all good 

Are you really open and receptive to receiving all good? Or are you cutting yourself off or limiting your supply in some way?   Money is just one way of receiving good, take a look around you and see the many other ways that good is flowing to you and be grateful for that. This affirmation asks that we be open and receptive to receiving all good – in any form that it comes.

This day is a wonderful day of prosperity

Begin each day with thanks and move through your day looking for good. The good that you find to appreciate today, attracts more of the same tomorrow.

I am open and receptive to receiving prosperity

Sometimes we think that we are open to receiving or attracting money, when we are not. The truth is that if you were truly open and receptive to prosperity you would have it. If you don’t yet have the money that you want there are beliefs that you have about money, holding you apart from it. Are you willing to let those beliefs go?

To find these beliefs ask yourself,  ”What would I need to believe to stop myself from receiving money?”

Then just wait quietly and you will get your answer.

Once you know what the belief is, it no longer has the same power to control you, simply see it for what it is and let it go.

My income is constantly increasing

You don’t need to have it all at once, and in most cases you can’t have it all at once.  Be patient, look for and appreciate improvement and your income will steadily increase.

I have all that I need

You really do already have all that you need. What we need is in fact very little, what we want is another thing entirely! Look around you and see that even if nothing ever changed, you are doing fine, probably a lot better than you are giving yourself credit for. Don’t let what you want, stop you from enjoying what you already have.

Money is my friend

What is your relationship with money?

Are you and money on good terms, or do you cringe every time you think about it? Why would money be attracted to you if you feel so badly about it?

Make money your friend by appreciating all the good things it has provided you with already. See all the ways that money improves your life and the lives of other people.

Treat the money that you receive with respect. Take the time to consider how you will spend, invest or save your money instead of just spending it the moment you receive it. If you want to be treated well by money, treat it well first.

I am earning good money

If you set a figure on how much you want to earn it puts a limit on what you can earn, it puts pressure on you to be earning that amount as soon as possible, and it highlights the fact that you are not earning that amount, creating dissatisfaction with where you are.

The affirmation “I am earning good money” allows you to feel good about the money that you are already earning while remaining open to earning more.

I release the limitations of my parents

Many of the beliefs that we have about money come from our parents. Letting go of the limiting beliefs of our parents is necessary before we can allow money to come to us rather than feeling that we must work hard for it.

What were the limiting beliefs in your family? Can you see them operating in your own life? If you can find them, you can also let them go.

I deserve the best

Do you really feel like you deserve the best? Do you consistently give yourself the best that you can? The best clothes, food, rest, exercise, entertainment, and most importantly the best emotional state?

Giving yourself the best doesn’t mean spending beyond your means or taking from others to give to yourself,  it does not require more of anything.

Giving yourself the best means making the most of, or choosing the best of, what you have available to you NOW.

It could mean choosing to wear clothes that are already in your wardrobe that make you feel good, eating food that makes you feel good, exercising in a way that makes you feel good, keeping your house clean and tidy at a level that is pleasing to you, or spending time doing things that make you feel good.

Instead of looking for more, take what you already have and bring out the best in it.

Apply this to all things in your life and you will discover that you have a lot more than you thought.

I am willing to accept

Life is always trying to give to us, but we are not always willing to accept.

One way we resist the flow is by questioning what comes to us because it is not exactly what we want. Maybe you want $100,000, but today you receive $10 and so instead of feeling grateful you feel disappointed. Release your expectations of how and when things will come to you, and be grateful for anything and everything that life gifts you with. What you appreciate grows, so that $10 can be the beginning of much more, but only if you appreciate it.

Another way of resisting the flow of money is by not being willing to accept what is rightly yours. Are you one of those people who is willing to give but struggles when it comes to receiving? If you are, this affirmation will allow you to feel comfortable accepting as well as giving. Energy, and money (which is just a form of energy) likes to flow. When you give, it is right that you should receive. You don’t always receive from the one that you gave to, but you will receive. Be willing to accept what is given to you by whoever is offering it, all you need to do is to accept and be grateful.

I move away from poverty thinking, into prosperity thinking

The movement away from poverty thinking into prosperity thinking is a process that takes time. It is possible to shift your thinking on any subject within 30 days but for most of us it takes longer.  Be patient with yourself and repeat your affirmations daily.

I love myself

Self love is the basis of a healthy and prosperous life. When you truly love yourself, everything falls into place.

I rejoice in who I am

Most of us are way too hard on ourselves, and way too serious. It is OK to feel good about yourself, to feel proud, to celebrate your achievements, to have fun!

I  know that life is here for me, and will supply me with everything that I need

You don’t need to make things happen, you just have to allow them to happen. This affirmation allows you to begin relaxing into life knowing that you are supported and that everything you need will be supplied.  What a relief!

I move from success to success, from joy to joy, from abundance to abundance.

Like attracts like. Every success you have is the foundation for future and bigger successes, each moment of joy fully experienced attracts more moments of joy, and abundance that is appreciated creates more abundance. Be patient and appreciate every success, joy and manifestation of abundance fully.

I am one with the power that created me.

When you remember that you are one with the power that created you and the rest of the universe, you align yourself with that power. That power then flows into every part of your life, including your finances.  The part of you that is one with the universe is still and quiet, it is the part that observes and does not judge. When you are constantly busy you can forget this essential aspect of yourself. Taking the time to meditate, being alone and quiet, and spending time in nature all help you to strengthen your connection to your essential self.

I express for myself the greatness that I am.

Once you know that you are one with the power that created you, you express this greatness through joy and appreciation of all things.