Enlighten Me – Reiki Healing Music and Timers



New Reiki Healing Music by Christopher Lloyd Clarke.

This latest collection of Reiki Music for Healing, Meditation Music and Reiki 2 and 3 Minute Timers is now available on Youtube. Enlighten Me spent more than 5 years formulating in the mind of its composer before it was recorded. It contains almost 50 different types of temple bells as well as Tibetan bowls, chimes and gongs. Dancing above this is the beautiful sound of a flute and celestial choir. Perfect music for deep relaxation, meditation or reiki and as so I have created different versions of the music to fit each purpose.

15 Minute Meditation Timer

15 minutes of deep meditation music with beautiful visuals.

2 Hour Reiki Healing Music

2 Hours of Reiki Healing Music, ideal for Reiki Practice, Relaxation or Sleep Music

Reiki Healing Music with 3 Minute Tibetan Bell Timer

Reiki Music with Tibetan bells every 3 minutes

Reiki Healing Music with 2 Minute Tibetan Bell Timer

Healing Music with Tibetan Bell Timers every 2 minutes

“Enlighten Me” Reiki Healing Music Complete Playlist