Reiki Master Online Course

Thank you for your interest in the

Reiki Master Online Course.

I recommend this course as I took it about 5 years ago and was more than happy with the results. I loved the down to earth way this course was presented, with a lot of the mystery but none of the magic removed. I have to say that I was a little sceptical as to whether an online attunement would work but every doubt was banished after I practiced reiki on myself and then others and felt the powerful reiki energy that was now flowing. Since my attunement I have had the luxury of enjoying reiki whenever I please as well as the privilege of sharing it with friends and family as well as being inspired to create and share my Reiki Timers on Youtube.  The course contains advice on the practical aspects of setting up a Reiki Practice and there is also continued support that comes in the form of regular Reiki Chats answering questions about and demystifying the many aspects and uses of Reiki.

So whether you are like me and just want to share Reiki with your friends, family and yourself or whether you would like to reach out to a wider group and practice reiki professionally, this course will give you all that you need. I wish you every success professionally and personally.


Reiki Master Online Course