Reiki 3 Minute Timers with Flute Music

3 Minute Reiki Timers with Flute Music



The Temple Garden by Christopher Lloyd Clarke ~ Sounds of Nature, Windchimes, and a Solitary Wooden Flute

The Shores of Eternity by Christopher Lloyd Clarke – Beautiful Pan Flute with Sounds of the Sea

Enlighten Me by Christopher Lloyd Clarke ~ Soulful Flute,
Temple Bells and Singing Bowls plus chimes and gongs. This piece of music has it all!  

Beautiful Flute set against hypnotic and relaxing background music

Soulful Flute Music by Peder B Helland with Birdsong  (12 x 3 Minute Timers)

Delicate and Uplifting Duduk (Armenian Flute) with simple background music and touches of nature sounds

The beautifully different sound of a Duduk (or Armenian Flute)