Meditation Music 30 Minutes – All Loving Angel

Meditation Music 30 min

30 minutes of heavenly music for meditation, All Loving Angel is a very special piece of music that feels divinely inspired. Perfect for Deep Relaxation, Meditation, Yoga, Sleep or Reiki. Created with love by Christopher Lloyd Clarke. Composer Christopher Lloyd Clarke’s Commentary Earlier this year I received an email from an excited customer who asked, … [Read more…]

Humpback Whale Song with Relaxing Music

Whale Song - Whale Sounds, Ocean Sounds and Relaxing Music

I am so excited to release this video containing the beautiful song of humpback whales along with soft and gentle relaxation music and the soothing sounds of the ocean. This recording is pure relaxation. This recording “Into the Deep” is by Christopher Lloyd Clarke from Enlightened Audio: ¬† The original humpback whale recordings featured in … [Read more…]

Relaxation Music – Harp Music – The Free Air

Relaxation Music by Christopher Lloyd Clarke

It’s that time again! Time for more deliciously relaxing, balancing and uplifting music from Enlightened Audio. The Free Air is one of my favourite recordings from the Chakra Meditation Music collection, its dominant sound is the light and airy harp. The Free Air it will leave you feeling soothed and relaxed as well as refreshed … [Read more…]