5 Bach Flower Remedies for Weight loss

5 Bach Flower Essences for Weight Loss

Bach Flowers can help you to achieve and maintain a healthy weight by dealing with any emotional issues that could cause you to overeat and sabotage your weight loss attempts. These 5 Bach Flower Remedies for losing weight will not eliminate the need to make some changes with regard to diet and exercise, but they will improve your chances of losing weight and keeping it off permanently.

Agrimony – for comfort eating –  using food to soothe emotional upsets. A person who will benefit from Agrimony will look emotionally balanced, cheerful, and in control on the surface but will, in fact, be harbouring deep sadness, grief, or some other emotional turmoil. They are normally unaware of the negative emotions they are hiding having found many ways of avoiding them, overeating is one of those ways.
Signs that you may benefit from taking Agrimony

You are unhappy with your weight AND

  • You eat compulsively especially after emotional upsets
  • You would rather go home and eat alone than talk about your problems or face them
  • Others describe you as always happy and helpful
  • You are easily distracted from your weight loss goals and find yourself overeating, and yo-yo dieting

Taking Agrimony will help you to begin acknowledging your negative emotions,  and releasing them, rather than attempting to suppress them by eating food.    Weight loss is inevitable and easy when you are no longer driven by a compulsion to over-eat.

Cherry Plum – One of the Bach Flowers in the Bach Emotional Eating kit, Crab Apple helps with compulsive or binge eating and yo-yo dieting. Cherry Plum relieves feelings of inner tension, but unlike Agrimony the negative emotion is acknowledged and feels more extreme so that there is a feeling that you might just lose control completely and undo all your good work by bingeing. These feelings are just the natural result of tension that has built up over time from your attempts to control your eating through willpower.  Cherry Plum will help you to release the tension and leave you feeling your calm and in-control self. Once you have regained your composure it is time to get to the root cause of your Cherry Plum state.  Consider the possibility of easing up on your diet a little, because the fact that you are feeling so uptight about it is an indication that you are being too hard on yourself. Holding yourself to an overly high standard nearly always backfires and results in behaviour that takes you in the opposite direction. You can avoid this rebound effect by having more realistic goals and expectations.  It may take a little longer than you would like but you stand a much better chance of reaching your weight loss goals when you are kind to yourself, AND you will have more fun along the way 🙂

Cerato –   Do you look to others to guide you to your perfect weight? Do you have a mountain of information gathered over years of searching for the perfect weight loss plan? Are you still overweight after trying them all? Then Cerato is the Bach Flower Essence for you.  Cerato will give you confidence in your ability to make good decisions regarding your diet and exercise. It will help you to make sensible food choices wherever you are without being influenced by those around you, advertising or any other factors.  It will also help you to resist the temptation to try extreme diets for the sake of quick results, and to feel at ease with your weight – no matter what that is.

More about Cerato

Chestnut Bud –  One of the Bach flowers in the Bach Emotional Eating Kit. This is the Bach Flower for those who try the same sort of approach to weight loss over and over and still fall into the same old traps that lead to “failure”. Unlike Cerato, Chestnut Bud is unlikely to look to others for guidance but will tend to rush into action without thinking things through. When attempts to lose weight fail, instead of taking stock and trying to gain insights from their experience Chestnut Bud types prefer to forget about it immediately and move quickly to the next action.  Perhaps it is trying too hard and then ending up bingeing and rebounding; perhaps it is not planning ahead so that you have the food you need; perhaps it is joining the gym again and then not going, perhaps it is buying those diet pills that didn’t work last time hoping that this time might be different – if you make the same “mistake” repeatedly then Chestnut Bud is the essence that will help you break that self-destructive cycle. While it is never a good idea to dwell on your failures, it is good to learn from them, and then move on. Chestnut Bud will help a person to slow down enough that they can learn from their experiences and no longer make the same mistakes.

Crab Apple – the physical and emotional cleansing remedy. Crab Apple is one of the 3 Bach Flowers in the Bach Emotional Eating kit.

It is so much easier to lose weight or maintain your ideal weight when you feel comfortable with yourself as you are rather than fighting against feelings of unworthiness. You may not think that it is possible to love yourself at your current weight, but until you make peace with where you are you will always find weight loss a struggle.  Crab Apple will help you to release any negative thoughts and feelings you have about yourself and restore you to your natural feelings of self-love and self-acceptance allowing you to move towards your ideal weight with ease, loving where you are and who you are, every step of the way.

Taking Bach Flowers is one way of making the process of weight loss easier, potentially quicker and definitely more enjoyable. If you take Bach Flowers as you lose weight you will not only feel lighter in your physical body at the end of it but also lighter in your spirit too.

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